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<p>Jennifer Rubin Garey, image courtesy of the artist</p>

My work focuses on the female figure and how we choose to allow ourselves to be judged by external standards of body and appearance. These standards are self- imposed in response to societal expectations and our own innate need to conform. We are not the only ones policing our conformity we are judged by others, as well. Not just the people we see in passing, but our mothers, sisters, and friends. When we let these external pressures push us out of true we are shifted off our personal foundations. Our true form may or may not be consistent with the contemporary idealized image of a beautiful, successful woman. Clothing such as high heels and corsets reform the body into an unnatural shape, which may paradoxically be considered the ideal.

While continuously exploring the human figure I have found that the evolution of my artistic concept is parallel to gender stresses and insecurities and are juxtaposed with issues surrounding female politics. I have experimented with a myriad of materials in an attempt to bring forth these notions in my art. The recurring theme of transparent materials, in contrast to opaque, is indicative of the ephemeral quality of the human body. This is evident in my current work representing the dichotomy between the delicate yet powerful self, and the evolving roles women play set forth by societal structure.

This describes the root of my art. I make my work visually distinct by manipulating the female form into a beautiful yet mysterious piece of art. I do this by the elongating, concealing, or extracting elements from the figure and transforming them into a rigid structure such as bronze or resin. This I feel enables the viewer to embrace the art for its beauty whether or not they embrace or understand my concept.

Jennifer Rubin Garey, image courtesy of the artist


2013 Holmberg Leadership Program, Allied Arts of Greater Chattanooga, TN

2011 Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture, University of Hawai’i

2006 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture and Art History, Florida State University


Recent Positions
2011- Present Vice President of The Board of Directors, Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum, Solsberry, IN

2018- 2021 Treasurer of the Board of Directors, The Arts & Cultural Council of Bucks County, Newtown, PA

2017- 2019 Member of the Board of Trustees, Trenton City Museum, Trenton, NJ

2020- Present Gallery Coordinator, Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton, NJ

2019 Director, 4th Annual Bucks County Plein Air Festival

2015- 20 Curator and Exhibitions Associate, Bucks County Community College, Newtown, PA

2011- 17 Adjunct Professor Positions

Chattanooga State Community College, Chattanooga, TN Art Appreciation, Art History, 3-D Design,

Intro to Wood Working, Metal Casting

University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, TN Art History, Materials and Concepts

Lee University, Cleveland, TN Sculpture 1 & 2, Metal Fabrication, Intro to Printmaking

Southern Adventist University, Collegedale, TN Professional Development, Figure Modeling, Introduction to Drawing 2014- 16 Interim Collections

Manager Assistant to the Collections Manager, The Seward Johnson, Atelier Hamilton, NJ

Additional Positions

2011- 13 Art Handler/ Studio Assistant, John Henry Sculpture Inc. Chattanooga, TN

2007- 11 Assistant Outreach Program Manager and Teacher, Honolulu Museum of Art, Honolulu, HI

2010- 11 Teaching Fellow, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI

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