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Jean-Marc Dubus, image courtesy of the artist

I am an artist painter and muralist with many murals painted in Bucks County. The owner and leading artist at Dubus Studio, Jean-Marc Dubus, brings his expertise in mural painting to every project. I believe murals are more than just art; they’re powerful tools for sparking dialogue, igniting engagement, and shaping a community’s narrative. I embark on this journey with you by fostering a collaborative environment rich in communication. Nestled within the historical heart of Langhorne Borough, Pennsylvania, my studio resides in a majestic stone building that whispers tales of the early 1900s. This unique location provides a constant reminder of the enduring power of creativity, perfectly complementing the innovative spirit that fuels my artistic endeavors.

My mission is to transform spaces through the power of art. I believe that murals have the unique ability to inspire, uplift, and connect communities. My goal is to create visually stunning and meaningful artworks that reflect the stories, values, and aspirations of my clients and the communities they serve. I believe murals are more than paint on a wall; they’re transformative tools with the power to: spark brand recognition: captivate new audiences and propel product launches with impactful visuals; ignite tourism: create vibrant destinations that draw visitors and enrich the tourism experience; forge brand identity: set your organization apart with a unique visual statement that reflects your values; revitalize communities: breathe life into public spaces and foster a sense of beauty and pride.; and personalize private spaces: transform your home into a haven of artistic expression with a custom mural.

Jean-Marc Dubus, image courtesy of the artist



MFA Ecole Nationale D'Arts Decoratifs, Nice, France

Langhorne Council for the Arts (LCA) board member

Bucks County Connection

I have lived and worked in Bucks County since 2016. My studio is located in Langhorne PA and many of my murals decorate the walls of Bucks County.

These are Bucks County organizations that hired me:

  • Penn Community Bank
  • Langhorne Council for the Arts
  • Itri Wood Fired Pizza and Bar
  • Trainpops
  • Canal’s End Antiques
  • Dad’s Hat
  • Bristol Raising the Bar
  • Bristol Borough School District
  • Lily’s Massage and SPA
  • Got Wine
  • Odd Logic
  • Harris Comfort
  • Pennswood Village
  • Heritage Conservancy
  • Maternity at Doylestown Health
  • Chariot Solutions.
  • And many more…

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