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Furniture designer and sculptor, John Frederick grew up in Hilltown, Bucks County, where his first studio was located. After two years of architectural studies at the Temple School of Architecture in Philadelphia, Frederick transferred to the Tyler School of Art, where he received a B.F.A. in 1992, majoring in metal-smithing.

Intrigued by three dimensional-expression, Frederick designs furniture and other useful objects, including lamps, tables, chairs and upholstered pieces as well as flat-ware. He works in wood, aluminum, and upholstered materials. His designs are based on the principles of modernism as expressed by Swiss architect Le Corbusier, and the artists of the Bauhaus movement. More recently, Frederick has started to incorporate ideas from ancient Chinese philosophies into his designs. He is particularly interested in Fung Shui, the art of placement, and energy dynamics.

Frederick has exhibited at the Philadelphia Furniture Show, the Washington Home Design and Furniture Show, and at other design shows. His private commissions include living area designs and sculptural interior elements.

Education & Community

Education and Training
Temple School of Architecture, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1987-1989
B.F.A. in metal-smithing, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1992

Teachers and Influences
Travel to Europe, including France, Germany, Holland and Scandinavia, 1987-1992
French architect Le Corbusier, including his public work and philosophies as described in Vers une Architecture
The Bauhaus Movement
Ancient Chinese philosophy of Fung Shui
Byron Klein

Connection to Bucks County
John Frederick grew up in Hilltown Township, Bucks County. He had a studio on Keystone Drive in Hatfield, Hilltown Township for 8 years.


Major Group Exhibitions
Furniture Sculpture, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, Maryland, 1996, 1998
Philadelphia Furniture Show,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1996, 1997
Washington Home Design and Furniture Show
, Washington D.C., 1997

Teaching and Professional Appointments
Consultant, Computer Operations, Artists' Database Project, Michener Art Museum, 1996

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