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Harry McNaught in his studio 1956. The medium he usually used was gouache paint and very fine sable Windsor Newton sable brushes.

Harry McNaught was born April 18, 1923, and passed away in November 2020, at the age of 97. As a young man he first apprenticed at W.H.Hoedt Studios in Philadelphia before serving in the Army during World War II. After the war, he attended Philadelphia Museum School under the GI Bill, now the University of the Arts).

Harry McNaught in his studio 1956. The medium he usually used was gouache paint and very fine sable Windsor Newton sable brushes.

Published Works

Studio with George Kummer in Washington Square (Before 1952)

  • Helped George do some posters for the Pennsylvania Railroad
  • Did a lot of work for The Farm Journal as located in Washington Sq.

For Western Publishing (Golden)

  • The Road To Oz
  • The Emerald City
  • The Tin Woodsman of Oz
  • The Scarecrow of Oz (not published)
  • Howdy Doody’s Lucky Trip


  • Golden Digest #1 - Look Inside the Egg
  • Golden Digest #2 - Lets Look Inside the Clock


  • Golden Book of Science


  • Weather: A Golden Science Guide... Revised 1971, New Cover


  • Photography: A Golden Science Guide (republished in 1964 as “Photography: The Amateur’s Guide to Better Pictures”)


  • Golden Dictionary, 6 volumes, did the covers

Other Early Work

  • Ford Recipe Book: Treasury of Favorite Recipes from Famous Eating Places (Art work on cover and end papers)


  • Ford Recipe Book II: Treasury of Favorite Recipes from Famous Eating Places

Late 1950s

  • Worked with a couple of artists at studio on Walnut Street. Did drawings for pamphlets for pharmaceutical. Did work for a medical magazine, Compendio Medico. Sharp and Dohme put this magazine out for South America. One cover that Harry did won a prize in an art directors show.
  • Life Magazine - line drawings of all the foreign cars
  • Sports Illustrated - ski boots, fish, human skeleton. Was thrilled to meet the art editor of Sports Illustrated - well known artist. He later sent Harry a great Christmas card that he had made.
  • Did work for George Kummer who was designer and editor for a magazine.


  • Marvels of the Earth: An Introduction to Geology – Golden Press,


  • Bimini Map through Ted Riley – an art agent. Harper&Row - Land, Wildlife and People of the Bible; Harper&Row – Rocks (Both these books were Black and White, but the covers were two colors plus black.)
  • The Story of Maps and Map Making – Golden Press
  • The Story of Geology: Our Changing Earth Through the Ages – Golden Press
  • Story of Flight – Golden Press


  • Rocks and How They were Formed – Golden Press


  • High School Encyclopedia - covers


  • Time and Measure – Holland Reit
  • Famous Planes and Pilots – small book with some illustrations from the “Story of Flight.” – Golden Press
  • Clocks and Watches – Paul Hamlyn Limited, Westbrook House

The Story of Porcelain

Pepperidge Farm Logo


  • Our 50 United States (back cover of book was a map of the U.S. that was also a puzzle which came with book)
  • Fishing – Golden Publishing


  • The Beginning Story of Minerals and Rocks (Harper & Row in Scratchboard)
  • Storms – Golden Book taken from The Weather Book
  • The Land, Wildlife, and People of the Bible (Black and White published by Harper & Row),1967


  • A Golden Pocket Book: First Aid,1968
  • Pocket Encyclopedia of Physical Science,1968
  • The Golden Encyclopedia of Music
  • Plants, Animals, and Us - From the Golden Book of Science

Mid to Late 60s

  • 4 or 5 Chemistry Set covers
  • Poster for Western Publishing of a school classroom (used a painting of Barb’s on the easel in the poster. Barb was 5 when she painted it.)
  • Cover for a kids magazine for Western Publishing


  • Science and Us – From the Golden Book of Science
  • My Book about Me
  • Sounds and Shapes of Letters
  • Story of Geology


  • Golden Sears Science Kits
  • Thinking, Reading, and Doing
  • Sizes, Shapes, and Numbers


  • Readers Digest - Tuna, Whales, and Sharks
  • Flying – A Golden Science Guide (Covers - Front and Back; some illustrations from the Weather Book and maybe the Story of Flight)
  • Gaming Guide
  • Chess (not published)
  • Physics


  • Antiques Guide - cover


  • Heart: A Golden Guide


  • Field Enterprises - Birds, work for World Book
  • Sea Turtles - work for World Book

For Random House (of the following books 1977 earned royalties)

  • 500 Words to Grow On (By 1995, over 2 million sold), 1973
  • Baby Animals (hard cover)
  • Animal Babies (Read-to-me)1976
  • Trucks (hard cover and pages)1976
  • Trucks (Read-to-me Series)1977 (also published in 1978 in a hard cover in the “Jellybean Books.)
  • Muppets in My Neighborhood 1977(also did a book featuring Grover)
  • Do You Know 1978
  • Trucks (shape book)1979
  • Astronomy Today1982
  • Words to Grow On1984
  • Oceanography Today: Exploring the Sea,1986
  • Sesame Street ABC Book 1988

Random House Disney Studio

  • Bambi Gets Lost 1972
  • The Penguin that Hated the Cold 1973
  • Aristocats (painted only part of it)
  • Socercers Apprentice
  • Robin Hood
  • Pinocchio (completed work started by Shella Beckett)
  • 101 Dalmatians ,1974
  • Gulliver Mickey
  • The Mystery of the Missing Peanuts 1975
  • Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too

For Denmark

  • 1974 Robin Hood and the Great Train Robbery
  • 1977 Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow
  • 1978 Bambi Grows Up
  • 1979 Petes Dragon
  • 1980 Pongo and Perdy
  • Robin Hood helps Skippy Rabbit
  • 1981 Prince John Receives a Message

Random House Charles Shultz Books

  • 1974 A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
  • 1975 Be My Valentine
  • 1976 It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown

Other Jobs

  • Franklin Mint - Cute Creatures design for mini plates (did 3),1980
  • Franklin Mint - 2 animal paper weight designs 1981

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