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Dorothy Doubble, 1973. Courtesy of D. Brown and R. Martini family collection.

Dorothy Doubble was primarily a landscape artist and art instructor, who also did illustrations for the women's suffrage movement. During World War II, she designed cardboard silhouettes of airplanes, which were used in pilot training, for which the Navy awarded her the rank of Honorary Ensign.

Doubble was born in Ontario, Canada and graduated from the Royal College of Art in London, England. After moving to the U.S. with her first husband, Ivan Doubble, and their daughter Chloe, a painter, she obtained a teaching certificate from Columbia University in New York.

For twenty-seven years, Doubble supervised the art department at Burlington High School in Burlington, New Jersey. She moved to New Hope in 1923 and married Dr. Roscoe C. Magill, also a painter. The Magills were active in the Phillips' Mill Art Association.

Dorothy Doubble, 1973. Courtesy of D. Brown and R. Martini family collection.

Education & Community

Education and Training
Royal College of Art, London, England
Columbia University, New York, New York

Connection to Bucks County
Dorothy Doubble moved to New Hope with her husband and daughter in 1923, to a house on Old Windybush Road. After the death of her first husband, Ivan Doubble, she married physician and painter Roscoe C. Magill in 1947. Dr. Magill was the Chief Burgess of New Hope and superintendent of Washington Crossing State Park.

Colleagues and Affiliations
Dorothy Doubble's second husband, R.C. Magill, was a physician, and a painter.

Her daughter, Chloe Martini, was a painter.

The Magills were associated with the artists' community at Phillips' Mill, including John Fulton Folinsbee, Edward Redfield, Kenneth Nunamaker, and Roy Nuse.


Major Group Exhibitions
50th Anniversary Retrospective Art Exhibition, Phillips' Mill, New Hope, Pennsylvania, 1979

Awards & Appointments

Teaching and Professional Appointments
Supervisor, Art Department, Burlington High School, Burlington, New Jersey
High school art teacher, Burlington, New Jersey, for 27 years

Major Awards
Honorary Ensign (honorary Naval rank)

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