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Dennis R. Mueller.

"My work seeks to understand what seems to be an inherent contradiction in wood. Although wood can be absolutely stunning in its beauty, it can also be rotted, bug-infested and coarse. Much of my work incorporates both of these characteristics within a single object."
-Dennis Mueller

Dennis Mueller has achieved national recognition for his work in wood turning and sculpture. He began turning wood with a traditional approach, creating a succession of bowls and vases, known as hollow vessels. Smooth and highly polished, his earlier work was more traditional in its finish. Interested in personal expression, he quickly turned to more sculptural forms. His work, at once beautiful and coarse, captures the inherently contradictory nature of wood, combining natural and man-made surfaces.

Much of his current work has become increasingly symbolic, focusing more on self-expression, concepts, and issues. Mueller has exhibited throughout the United States and his work can be found in the collections of the Michener Art Museum and the Woodturning Center, as well as in many private collections.

Dennis R. Mueller.

Education & Community

Education and Training
Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, BA, 1969-1973
Ten years of Lathe-Turning Experience

Teachers and Influences
Mueller has been influenced by Constantin Brancusi, Henry Moore, and Jean Arp

Connection to Bucks County
Mueller has lived in Bucks County since 1959.

Colleagues and Affiliations
David Ellsworth


Major Group Exhibitions
Bucks County Turners Shows
, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 1990-1993
Vision and Concept II Exhibition
, Arrowmont, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, 1990
Bucks County Artists Exhibition
, Materia Gallery, Doylestown, Pennsylvania, 1992
Lathe-Turned Objects Exhibition
, The Wagner Museum, Ivyland, Pennsylvania, 1992
10th National Lathe-Turned Objects Exhibition
, Highlight Gallery, Mendocino, California, 1992
Bucks Biennial Exhibition I,
Michener Art Museum, Doylestown, Pennsylvania, 1992
International Lathe-Turned Objects (Challenge IV) Exhibition
, Traveling Show, 1991-1992
5th Annual Lathe-Turned Objects Exhibition
, Sansar Gallery, Washington, D.C., December 1992-January 1993
11th National Lathe-Turned Objects Exhibition
, Highlight Gallery, Mendocino, California, 1993
The Manipulated Turned Object
, Creations Fine Woodworking Gallery, Yorklyn, Delaware, 1993
Turned Wood '93 Exhibition
, del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles, California, 1993
Redefining the Lathe-Turned Object Exhibition
, Arizona State University, Art Museum, Tempe, Arizona, December 1992-January 1993
Art From the Lathe
, Hagley Museum and Library, Wilmington, Delaware, 1993
Turned Wood '94 Exhibition,
del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles, California, 1994
17th Annual Bucks County Sculpture Show,
Michener Art Museum, Doylestown, Pennsylvania, 1994
Turned Wood '95 Exhibition,
del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles, California, 1995
Art of the State: Pennsylvania '95 Exhibition
, State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 1995
International Lathe-Turned Objects (Challenge V) Exhibition,
Traveling Show, 1994-1997

Major Collections
Michener Art Museum, Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Albert and Tina LeCoff (Woodturning Center)
Ronald C. Wornick
Arthur and Jane Mason
Dr. Neil Kaye
Lawrence and Phyllis Sager
Carlton Lewis
Dr. Mark Nissenbaum

Author of Thoughts on Challenge IV, Turning Points, Vol. 4, No. 1, 1991

Awards & Appointments

Major Awards
Second Place, Vessels, Wilhelm Schimmel Wood Turning Invitational, 1993
Second Place, Bowls, Wilhelm Schimmel Wood Turning Invitational, 1993
Third Place, Sculpture, State Museum of Pennsylvania, 1995

Affiliations and Memberships
Member, American Association of Woodturners, 1988-present; Bucks County Chapter, 1987-present
Woodturning Center, 1991
Bucks County Chapter of Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, 1987-1989

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